Switzerland Funds New Intermodal Terminal in Domodossola

Switzerland has announced its financial support for the construction of a new intermodal terminal in Domodossola, in collaboration with the German company CargoBeamer. This financial commitment, amounting to 38.8 million Swiss francs, represents a significant portion of the total investment cost estimated at 67.1 million francs.

The main objective of the project is to enhance freight transport across the Alps, focusing on the Lötschberg-Sempione axis. According to the terms of the agreement, if the minimum number of transfers in the terminal is not reached, CargoBeamer will be required to refund a portion of the Swiss investment.

The new terminal, equipped with two double tracks of 700 meters each, will be able to handle both containers and semi-trailers, with an estimated transshipment capacity of around 185,000 trucks per year. This commitment is part of Switzerland’s broader strategy to support intermodal freight transport, as evidenced by previous funding for similar terminals in Italy, Germany, and Belgium.

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source: www.informare.it