Integrated logistic


Logistic Solution

Thanks to the ISO9001 certification obtained from Tieffe Group, which guarantees an organizational quality management system at the highest standards certified by TUV SUD, Tieffe Group Srl is able to provide a careful integrated logistics service to international customers and partners for the management of their shipments and supply chain whether they are imports or exports to and from multiple destinations with a wide coverage of services and offers.

Thanks to certified procedures and processes, Tieffe Group is able to provide assistance for ancillary services that go beyond the simple management and organization of sea, air or land transport. Thanks to the skills acquired among the services offered we can include:

Organization and feasibility study for oversized cargo such as flat rack, breakbulk or consolidated OOG containers based on the needs of exporters and receivers

Packing and packaging service according to IMO/SOLAS regulations for direct and/or containerized shipments both on container vessels and conventional or roro vessels.

Storage and stripping of containers for general cargo goods (classified FAK – Freight All Kinds)

Storage of perishable goods and cold room (both food and pharmaceutical products)

 Solutions for the transport of food and chemical tanks (both flexi and iso-tank)

Organization of air or sea consolidations with warehouse photographic reports, detection of measurements, discrepancies and/or direct traceability of the movement of goods.

The possession of the ISO9001 certifications obtained within our sector allows us to draw on a series of reliable partners, who are checked in advance to meet the needs of the shipment entrusted to us. In this way, all stages of transport are efficiently monitored and verified by our staff and collaborators, effectively preventing any complications typical of the logistics chain and studying alternative solutions to offer to our customers and international partners to make the process clear and efficient. This management guarantees a considerable saving of time and resources and the management with a single certified interlocutor such as the Tieffe Group allows to match the needs of the parties involved in the transport (whether they are small, medium or large groups) with a greater fluidity of the entire logistics process, creating a single shared system that can be verified in real time in a very clear and linear way.