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In Tieffe, we firmly believe in “doing the right thing.” We embrace the highest standards of integrity, both personally and professionally. We never go against our corporate values and stay true to basic principles like good management, transparent accounting and long-term value creation.

Our business is built on strong business practices: an organizational structure that connects the operational and technical aspects of our company, a business model that allows us to manage risk while focusing on sustained growth and guaranteeing the best practices, proper training, and the development of all our employees.

While our company grows we continue to invest in the training of our employees to provide consistently higher-quality services to our customers. Everything we do is motivated by our management’s integrity. We have a skilled and qualified team to guide the management of our operations while respecting the best governance practices.

In Italy, we have integrated quality, operational and security management systems that are certified to international ISO 9001 standards


Responsible management

Our Board of Directors, together with the management, is in charge of managing our company. That’s why it actively participates in the process of strategic planning and reviews its progresses compared to operational and strategic goals.

We are especially proud for introducing, in recent years, a strong policy of workplace flexibility and smart working, open to all our employees. This not only shows excellent results in terms of reducing work-related stress but also in terms of reducing anxiety-inducing emissions related to shifts between home and work and vice versa.



Our founding members and leaders are confident and bold.

Their accomplishments have led them to a higher level of knowledge.

The frequent trips abroad, for business meetings, increase their international experience and our commercial relationships globally. They are extremely proud of being members of the Tieffe team and give their best, each day, on the projects they work on.


Meet our skilled team

All our staff is following a specific training before getting their hands on your shipments. This training in logistics and freight shipping focuses on risk management and international standard operations, and we are proud to share it along our ISO9001 certification since 2018.

Our goal is to help everyone understand their tasks in the best possible way, thus allowing them to face everyday logistics issues and problems, to provide solutions and possibilities to our customers. Skill over excellence.

We are a young team of talented individuals with a proactive mindset, mixing our company’s over 10 years’ experience in freight shipping with the relentless enthusiasm and constant update of the newest technologies, rules and instrument that our sector offers to us, to ease your shipping experience with us. In addition to that, we attend multiple events, exhibitions and worldwide meetings with important partners from all over the world, to develop multiple skills and new knowledges of international rules and laws for every country we cover in freight. Follow us on social media to see next upcoming events, international meetings and amazing photos and videos about our work.

Inside TIEFFE GROUP we work as a unique Team to provide and deliver the best customer experience to both our customers and partners and our employees. We wish to fulfill your needs on a wide span, from pricings and rates to operations and customs, thanks to a great knowledge of international laws, shared among our company’s different department and sectors. All of our staff differentiate one to another for their skills, knowledges and peculiarities, this helps in the growth of our departments and leads to successful collaborations, which is the heart of the success of our team. We strive to go above and beyond your needs in freight shipping and logistics tasks. Our commitment extends beyond our office, where our sales representatives and managers participate in various activities to seek out professional development opportunities to keep up to date to the latest industry progresses.

Our only goal is to seek excellence in every aspect of our tasks and to keep our customer satisfied.

Tiberio Faoro

Founder & Shareholder

Lorenzo Faoro

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Shareholder

Alessandro Galati

Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Director