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Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & Shareholder

Tiberio Faoro

Tiberio Faoro

Founder & Shareholder

Tiberio Faoro is an Italian entrepreneur, born in Pisa on 28 September 1988. His professional training began during August 2006, at only 18 years old, after achieving the qualification of “accountant- IT specialist” at Pisa’s Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “ A.Pacinotti “.

Among his many work experiences in the field, he covers the role of maritime traffic manager, sales manager and external consultant as a freelancer.

In January 2012 he founded Tieffe Group Srl and held the role of CEO until December 2017. He is currently employed with the parent company “TF Holding Company ”, founded in 2014, with the qualification of Executive Vice President.

Some of the acquisition and development initiatives that he promoted were the launch of the “TF Road Division” in March 2019 (then incorporated into the group) and the participation in sports as a partner of the amateur sports company“Eos Benessere & Sport” (during the period 2016 -2018).

In the financial sector he currently actively manages the company’s security portfolio, focusing, at the moment, on the US stock market in the biotechnology sector.

He has always been passionate about sports and he train daily. His weekly routine includes swimming, running, tennis and muscle building workouts at gym, as well as yoga and meditative sessions. In his spare time he loves reading, cinema and nature walk.

Among his various personal training plans he is interested in the study of the human body and mental health, with particular attention to the role of psycho-physical balance in slowing cellular aging and in the prevention of particular diseases.

In the academic field he regularly improve him kwowledge in the economy’s studying, finance and international monetary policy.