Hybrid Air Vehicles Establishes Production Hub for Airlander 10 in Doncaster

Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) has finalized an agreement with Doncaster, UK, to establish a production site for its Airlander 10 airship on a 50-hectare plot at Carcroft Common. Acquired under a freehold agreement, HAV will initiate planning, involving the local community and stakeholders.

The facility, capable of producing 24 aircraft annually, will undertake manufacturing, testing, and certification operations. The Airlander 10, accommodating 100 passengers or ten tonnes of payload, has secured orders surpassing £1 billion, with service commencement planned for 2028. CEO Tom Grundy underscores the project’s potential for sustainable air travel and its economic impact, expected to generate over 1,200 jobs and £1 billion in exports annually.

Notably, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) granted HAV Design Organisation Approval (DOA) in 2018, a significant milestone facilitating type certification and advancing the Airlander 10’s flight test program. Acquisition of DOA marks a critical stride toward formal certification.

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source: www.aircargonews.net