Ammonia: The Green Fuel of the Future?

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) asserts that ammonia, rather than methanol, will be the primary green fuel of the future due to anticipated shortages in biogenic sources for methanol production by 2040. Vice President Jens Jødal Andersen cites the lengthy investment horizon and logistical challenges of methanol production. Green ammonia, derived from abundant nitrogen and electrolyzed hydrogen, is favored for its sustainability.

CIP plans to establish ammonia production facilities in various locations, powered by wind and solar energy. While ammonia offers zero-emissions benefits, its toxicity poses environmental risks if leaked into the ocean, although its long-term impact is considered less severe than fossil fuel accidents.

Andersen emphasizes ammonia’s potential in decarbonizing shipping despite toxicity concerns, highlighting its dissolution in water over time. Overall, CIP sees ammonia as a viable alternative fuel with advantages in availability and environmental impact compared to methanol.

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