Tieffe-Group Secures Spot in FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies

The annual FT-Statista ranking, known as FT 1000, highlighting Europe’s fastest-growing companies, has been published in the Financial Times. Significantly, our esteemed company, Tieffe-Group, has earned its place in this prestigious list. This ranking reflects the challenges faced by European businesses in managing the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent quest for recovery.

Despite obstacles such as inflation, cost-of-living pressures, and an energy crisis linked to the war in Ukraine, resilient companies, including ours, in the IT, software, and construction sectors, demonstrate significant growth. Raylyst Solar leads the list with an 824.4% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), followed by Adagio and Bidberry. Digital advertising firms benefit from increased online presence during lockdowns, while energy and utilities grow due to the EU Green Deal.

 Italy leads among the represented countries, followed by Germany, and London retains its status as the city with the highest number of fast-growing companies. The article emphasizes diverse sector performances, geographic distribution, and the challenges and successes of high-growth enterprises. The methodology involves revenue growth criteria, application processes, and a minimum average growth rate of 36.3% for inclusion. A special analysis on factors influencing the success of companies facing economic challenges is scheduled for March 25th.

photo and source by www.ft.com/ft1000-2024