LTG Cargo’s Successful Baltic Test Run Sparks Expansion Plans

LTG Cargo, a subsidiary of the LTG Group, achieved a major milestone with the successful completion of its inaugural test run from Lithuania to Estonia via Latvia, signaling the company’s ambitious plans to expand freight services across the Baltic region.

Utilizing a single Siemens locomotive, the seamless test run through all three Baltic countries highlighted LTG Cargo’s commitment to efficiency by eliminating the need for wagon set re-coupling at borders. CEO Eglė Šimė emphasized the attainment of carrier safety certificates from the European Union Railway Agency and Baltic States’ safety authorities, crucial for international transports. Having completed the first pilot run to Estonia’s initial border station, LTG Cargo now prepares to launch freight services across all Baltic countries, aiming to provide competitive and eco-friendly logistics solutions.

The established route also positions LTG Cargo strategically for future services on the Rail Baltica northern corridor. The company dedicated a year to meticulous preparations, navigating complex foreign certification processes, showcasing readiness to utilize infrastructure in other Baltic countries while ensuring compliance with safety and legal obligations. LTG Cargo’s broader strategy involves offering a comprehensive range of international services and managing subsidiaries in Poland and Ukraine.

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