Amazon Advances Road Transport Decarbonization and Driver Solutions

Amazon is extending its commitment to decarbonization into the road transport sector, focusing on scaling up investments in electric heavy-duty vehicles. During a visit to a fulfillment center in Mönchengladbach, Germany, the IRU Brussels team noted Amazon’s emphasis on its transportation network as a central aspect of its decarbonization plan.

Concerns were raised about the adequacy of the EU-wide grid plan unveiled in November, with both Amazon and the IRU expressing shared apprehensions about grid capacity challenges.

Amazon introduced an open-source tool, CHALET, to identify priority locations for truck charging infrastructure in Europe. Additionally, Amazon inaugurated a dedicated waiting area for truck drivers near its fulfillment center, addressing the chronic shortage of professional truck drivers in Europe. Improving working conditions for drivers is a key focus of Amazon’s efforts, urging governments and authorities to accelerate actions to enhance conditions and access to the profession.

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