Fincantieri Launches New Subsidiary to Support Saudi Vision 2030
Fincantieri has established Fincantieri Arabia to drive technological innovation and sustainability in support of Saudi Vision 2030. At the Fincantieri Industrial Conference in Riyadh, which brought together Saudi government and industry leaders, Fincantieri announced the launch of its new subsidiary, Fincantieri Arabia. This move is a significant step in the company‚Äôs support of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

The main goal of Fincantieri Arabia is to boost Saudi Arabia’s shipbuilding capabilities. The subsidiary will leverage Fincantieri’s extensive expertise in shipbuilding, maritime equipment, and naval logistics. Additionally, Fincantieri Arabia will implement training and simulation programs to create career opportunities for Saudi nationals in the maritime sector.

The shipbuilding industry plays a vital role in achieving the Vision 2030 objectives due to its significant capital investments and the advanced technologies it involves. Fincantieri is committed to developing eco-friendly ships to help Saudi Arabia reach its target of net-zero emissions by 2060. The company also plans to modernize shipyard operations with innovations such as digital twins, artificial intelligence, welding robots, and unmanned vehicles.

Fincantieri promotes technology transfer and collaboration with other companies to set global industry standards. This approach transforms research into practical applications for the worldwide market. The company also provides digital, cybersecurity, and engineering services specifically designed for maritime applications and critical infrastructure.

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