The Future of Private Jets: Hydrogen to Reduce Emissions

Aviation is responsible for over 2% of global CO2 emissions, with private jets being particularly polluting. Some startups, such as Beyond Aero and Sirius Aviation AG, are developing hydrogen-powered private jets, a technology that promises zero CO2 emissions. Beyond Aero plans to launch a six-seater jet by 2030, while Sirius Aviation has already received orders and expects a demonstration flight next year.

However, most hydrogen is currently produced from natural gas, emitting CO2, while only 1% is green hydrogen, obtained from renewable sources. Hydrogen is essential for industrial sectors, but it is costly, and the infrastructure for its use is limited. Although hydrogen jets could serve a third of air traffic by 2050, many uncertainties remain, including technological feasibility, regulatory approval, and the availability of green hydrogen.

Starting with private jets could help develop and test the technology, similar to what happened with Tesla’s electric cars. However, there is concern about long-term sustainability and whether green hydrogen should be allocated to private jets, given its cost and production difficulties.

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