Trafigura Pioneers Green Shipping with Ammonia-Powered Vessels

Commodity trading giant Trafigura has made a significant move towards greener shipping practices by commissioning four new medium gas carrier vessels capable of running on ammonia. The company announced its intention to tackle shipping emissions head-on, revealing plans for the first vessel’s launch in 2027.

With a firm commitment to slashing the carbon intensity of its shipping fleet by 25% by 2030, Trafigura is driving the industry towards a more sustainable future.

These cutting-edge ships, constructed at the renowned HD Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Ulsan, South Korea, are designed to transport either liquefied petroleum gas or ammonia. Equipped with state-of-the-art dual-fuel engines, they represent a pivotal step in the reduction of carbon emissions within maritime transport.

Currently overseeing a fleet of approximately 400 vessels and orchestrating over 5,000 voyages annually, Trafigura is positioned as a leader in the transition to eco-friendly shipping practices.

Ammonia stands out among the array of alternative fuels being explored by the shipping industry to mitigate carbon emissions.

Advantages of Ammonia as a Fuel:

  • Zero emissions: Ammonia produces only water and nitrogen when burned, emitting no greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. This makes it an attractive option for decarbonizing sectors like maritime transport and power generation.
  • Easy storage: Ammonia is a liquid at room temperature and can be stored relatively safely and easily, even in large quantities. This gives it an advantage over hydrogen, which requires cryogenic storage conditions.
  • Production from renewable sources: Ammonia can be produced using electrolysis with energy from renewable sources like wind and solar, creating a completely green energy cycle.
  • Less flammable than hydrogen: Ammonia has a higher flash point than hydrogen, making it an inherently safer fuel to handle and transport.

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