Conduent Transport’s Groundbreaking Ticket Vending Software Transforms the Passenger Experience

Conduent Transportation has developed a groundbreaking software platform for ticket vending machines, transforming the user experience for global transportation operators. Trenord in Italy is the first to adopt it, implementing the platform across 250 machines in Lombardy, including Milan.

The platform provides a seamless experience akin to popular web apps, accepting digital payments, contactless cards, and cash. Passengers gain access to multimedia content and a travel planner. Trenord can customize options for each vending machine, display informative messages, and manage real-time accounting data.

The platform also enables new business models, such as selling non-transportation-related products and cross-selling services related to tickets. With over 750,000 daily passengers at 460 stations, Trenord serves Lombardy, seven neighboring provinces, Canton Ticino, and Malpensa Airport. The platform promises future implementation of business innovations.