Maersk Embraces Starlink for Vessel Connectivity

AP Moller – Maersk, a major shipping company, plans to equip over 330 of its vessels with Elon Musk’s Starlink communications service. Starlink, known for low latency and speeds exceeding 200Mbps, offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional satellite systems. After successful pilot tests on 30 vessels, Maersk aims to complete the rollout by the first quarter of the next year.

Crew feedback on Starlink has been highly positive, as it enables connectivity at sea, and it also supports the digitalization of vessel operations. Benefits include seamless streaming, video calls, cost savings via cloud application migration, and improved remote monitoring. Starlink’s deployment is transforming maritime communications, with other major shipping companies like Hapag-Lloyd also adopting it. Early adopters have reported a positive impact on both operations and crew well-being, reflecting a notable shift in maritime communication technology.