Transport of
"door to door"

Tieffe Group Srl is present in the transport market “on wheels” offering excellent services in terms of delivery of goods, wide range of available means, and competitive prices.

The collaboration with major airlines ensures priority reservations on first available flights, avoiding waiting time and delays in delivery. The preparation of all our staff and ...

Our speciality regards exceptional transport of oversized goods where we are able to offer customized and personalized transport solutions “on wheels” designed especially for you.

What we offer



Contractual Logistics

Do you need personalized logistics services? We take care of it. We offer world wide transports, by road, by air or by sea - fast, safe, and precise.


For all your needs

Our reality offers the best logistics services utilizing and achieving optimum conditions in all steps of the supply chain. You can utilize our solutions, by road, by air or by sea for the shipment of your cargo.


Warehousing and Deposit

The presence of numerous warehouses spread throughout the national territory, permit us to offer you warehousing services for cargo waiting to be loaded/delivered, also offering areas for frozen and/or perishable goods.


Consulting Services

Don't you know which transport means best for your cargo, or you do need someone for the complete management of the supply chain? Contact us! Our team of professionals will be glad to help you.


We cover various industrial activities, from foodstuffs to beverages, from chemistry to retail selling, to lasting goods and much more. Check hereunder the complete list:

  • Energy, Oil and Gas

    Energy, Oil and Gas

  • Chemical and Hazardous Goods

    Chemical and Hazardous Goods

  • Foodstuffs and Beverages

    Foodstuffs and Beverages

  • Furniture – transport dedicated to furniture

    Furniture – transport dedicated to furniture

  • Chartering


  • Luxury Cars

    Luxury Cars

  • Special Machinery

    Special Machinery

  • Space Simulators

    Space Simulators

  • Project cargo and break bulk

    Project cargo and break bulk


Services Dedicated to Customer Assistance “step by step”

Thanks to our professionality, we are able to supply dedicated, top level service to our customers, imposing ourselves on the market, offering 360°assistance, and following our customers “step by step” during all the routines of the shipment..

Furthermore, our knowledge of the principle conditions of sale, methods of payment and documentation necessary for the trade with foreign countries we serve, permit us to also follow you in stipulating letters of credit, load cargo stow plans , issuing sale invoices etc.etc…..

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