ENOVA Supports Conversion of LNG-Powered Cargo Ship to Hydrogen Propulsion

Norway’s ENOVA fund is backing an initiative to convert an LNG-powered cargo ship to run on fuel cells and hydrogen. Led by logistic provider Samskip in collaboration with TECO 2030 and Blom Maritime, the project focuses on the Samskip Kvitnos, a 4,900 dwt RoRo cargo vessel operating along Norway’s coast. The feasibility and necessary design modifications for the conversion to hydrogen propulsion will be assessed.

Samskip views this as a crucial step towards achieving their 2040 net-zero emissions goal, enhancing their environmentally friendly fleet. TECO 2030 will supply the fuel cells and hydrogen, leveraging their expertise in hydrogen propulsion, while Blom Maritime will provide engineering support for the retrofitting process to ensure compliance and efficiency in the vessel’s hydrogen system.

This initiative aligns with ENOVA’s strategy to promote hydrogen adoption in maritime transport and supports Samskip’s development of hydrogen-powered vessels like those in the SeaShuttle project. The funding aims to advance sustainable shipping solutions and establish long-term hydrogen fuel supply chains for maritime operations along Norway’s coast.

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source: maritime-executive.com