Thanks to our professionalism, we are able to supply dedicated, top level service to our customers, imposing ourselves on the market, offering 360°assistance, and following our customers “step by step” during all the routines of the shipment.


Furthermore, our knowledge of the INCOTERMS, Payments channel and required documentation for foreign trade can be of your help in stipulating letters of credit, load cargo stow plans , issuing commercial invoices etc.etc…..

A vast network of offices and partner agencies of the group, spread out in the major ports and airports, allows us to reach every continent thanks to the use of all transport means (air, road and sea). This makes it possible to offer “door to door” service worldwide.


Air Shipments

Air freight enable us to make quick and immediate services

The collaboration with major airlines ensures priority reservations on first available flights, avoiding waiting time and delays in delivery.

The preparation of all our staff and our worldwide agents guarantee, also for the air freight, a total world wide coverage with possibility of express door to door services.

Thanks to cargo flights, we can handle any type of goods, with any size. If necessary, we can plan specific charter aircraft full loads for your shipments.


Maritime Shipments

Tieffe Group Srl offers Full Contanier (FCL) and Groupage (LCL) services of all destinations both in import and export.

We are able to do internal transport, import customs clearance and express deliveries across all the vast territory.

For traffics to and from the United States, through dap and DDP services, we can clear the goods still in transit and forward them directly to your receivers in 48 hours from ship discharge.

Exceptional Transport

The service of point of the Tieffe Group Srl is out without shade of doubt the exceptional transport of commodities it shapes.

We offer solutions personalized that they directly space from the choice of the material of origin packing up to the installation of the materials in the sites of destiny.
All over the world our personnel is able to recommend and to furnish the type of necessary packing to the specific transport among which: sacks barrier, boxes in wood, saddles, cribs, easels and all of this that makes him necessary, with installation and assemblage directly on the spot or in our centers of stoccaggio.
We can elaborate the plan of load commodity, to choose the type of necessary equipment to the transport, also combining transports earthlings, maritime and airplanes if necessary.
We ask for the necessary special permissions for the road transits, maritime and in the countries of passage.
We occupy there of the customs formalities of export and importation and of the relative documentation in the country of arrival.
We are able to effect bookings of conventional ships, bulk and project, airplanes freighter and special truck among which reduced, millepede and every middle typology it made him necessary.
They complete the service solutions assicurative "sure & favorite " specific for this particular type of transport.


Road Shipments


From early 2019 TIEFFE GROUP handles road transport via a dedicated Road and Truck division, fully specialized in road traffic, on Italian, European and Extra-European market.

TIEFFE GROUP offers excellents services when it comes to delivery time and type of vehicles required by keeping in the meantime very competitive prices.

Examples of our works