Service Dedicated and customer support "step by step"

Thanks to our professionality, we are able to supply dedicated, top level service to our customers, imposing ourselves on the market, offering 360°assistance, and following our customers “step by step” during all the routines of the shipment..

Furthermore, our knowledge of the principle conditions of sale, methods of payment and documentation necessary for the trade with foreign countries we serve, permit us to also follow you in stipulating letters of credit, load cargo stow plans , issuing sale invoices etc.etc…..

A vast network of offices and partner agencies of the group, spread out in the principle ports and airports, worldwide, permit us to reach, without any problems, every continent thanks to the use of all transport means (air, road and sea). This makes it possible to offer “door to door” service, to and from, all parts of the world.


The deep knowledge of Customs Regulations and International Trade, make Tieffe-Group Srl, a qualified operator able to supply customers dedicated Consultation and Assistance services regarding following:

  • Constant up date on customs regulations
  • Customs classification of cargo
  • Analysis on import/export restrictions
  • Valuation on customs tariff facilitations
  • Assistance in perfecting active/passive systems
  • Fiscal representation
  • Tributary assistance on Intra-Community exchanges
  • Assistance on customs litigation
  • Valuation on risks and insurance of cargo
  • Incoterms consultation an documentary credits

Customs Assistance

A Staff of Customs Brokers, constantly undergoing intense training programs, insure quick waiver of all Customs Formalities.

Thanks to EDI connection with the Customs Agency, and the possibility to operate within their warehouses through its Simplified Procedure, Tieffe-Group Srl can supply its clients with a quick and efficient service of Customs Assistance, together with Customs Deposit and Fiscal for IVA purposes



Thanks to its partnership with primary logistics operators, Tieffe-Group Srl, is able to offer to its clilents, efficient services of Logistics and distribultion, both in Italy and abroad

Its operational structures situated in the areas of Livorno, Montelupo Fiorentino, La Spezia, Genova, Milano, Padova, Venezia e Roma, with an area of over 25,000mq, are equipped with the most modern operative radio frequency systems, and equipped with best installments of video surveillance .

The range of services offered include services such as stowage, quality control, pick-up, packing, palletization and distribution



Thanks to a long and consolidated co-operation between Tieffe-Group Srl and major world wide Insurance Brokers, an “ad hoc” insurance policy has been designed, which, upon client’s request, guarantees a complete insurance coverage of the cargo against damages deriving from transport.



The fleet of motor vehicles utilizzed by Tieffe-Group Srl for national transports, is equipped with the most modern GPS satellite protection apparatus, and respects the Safety requirements of “Level 3” of Vanini scale.


Paking and Packaging

Speed, precision, cleanliness and full compatibility with the product to be packaged are the main characteristics when TieffeGroup deals with packaging and packaging of the product. We are able to easily solve the most critical situations.

Examples of our works


Biowatt Project

2x40'Hard top + 1x40'High cube + 1x40'DV cnt


1x40'Flat Rack out of gauge to DDP Dalton


Over lenght loaded from EXW Calgary to DDP Italy

Jebel Ali

Exceptional convoy, unloading from low boy truck and reloading on 1x40'fr lashing and shipment to Jebel Ali

Militar Truck

Unloading and reloading operation on low boy truck and delivery to final destination!