Road Transport


Road Transport

Tieffe Group Srl is present in the transport market “on wheels” offering excellent services in terms of delivery of goods, wide range of available means, and competitive prices.

Our speciality regards exceptional transport of oversized goods where we are able to offer customized and personalized transport solutions “on wheels” designed especially for you.

In recent years we have been developing more and more transport by rail or intermodal, which uses the combined rail and truck, and ensures definite cost savings to the customer.

Tieffe Group Srl, keeps pace with the market demands. Thanks to agreements with railway companies, it is able to offer combined transport services using the existing rail networks to and from the main European locations/countries, providing a “low cost” service aimed to reduce shipping costs and optimizing delivery time.


Thanks to our network of worldwide agents ,we are able to cover, with multiple weekly departures, among others, the following destinations:

  • Iran
  • Mongolia
  • Cina
  • Kazakistan
  • Russia
  • Regno Unito
  • Francia
  • Bulgaria
  • Grecia
  • Romania
  • Spagna
  • Polonia
  • Ucraina
  • Danimarca
  • Tunisia
  • Turchia
  • Marocco
  • Germania

Activities covered

  • Energy, Oil and Gas

    Energy, Oil and Gas

  • Chemical and Hazardous Goods

    Chemical and Hazardous Goods

  • Foodstuffs and Beverages

    Foodstuffs and Beverages

  • Chartering


  • Luxury Cars

    Luxury Cars

  • Special Machinery

    Special Machinery

  • Space Simulators

    Space Simulators

  • Project cargo and break bulk

    Project cargo and break bulk

  • Furniture – transport dedicated to furniture

    Furniture – transport dedicated to furniture