New TieffeGroup strategic assets

Strategic assets and ... friends

A few days of relaxation is up to everyone, especially in hot and sultry summer months ... But when passion it’s drive to move ... you move with her!
So Lorenzo Faoro (CEO TieffeGroup) spend his 2018 summer finding strategic assets for growth his company!
Lorenzo has visited some strategic partners in order to tighten new assets with ambitious goals!
There are basically two growth projects we are working on:

Opening a LCL Groupage service.

In case you do not have enough products to fill a container TieffeGroup withdraws your products and consolidates them with the products of other customers who must be sent to the same destination. The type of service offered and the costs are strategic for this mode of delivery and the safety requirements as well as the processes are standardized to ensure full satisfaction of our customers.

New Branch Office

The new branch office, expected by 2020. Particularity will be in the location: on US land.


Visit August 14, 1018
Fogg Filler - Chicago, MI

Chicago was the occasion to visit the company of one of our loyal customers, together with Mr. Jesus Rodriguez, our local agent, directly meeting Mr. Ritsema: the Fogg Filler

In picture (from left to right): Mr. Ray Ritsema, Mr. Lorenzo Faoro, Mr. Jesus Rodriguez


Deep dish pizza - famous pizza review born in Chicago.

The pizza is structured as follows: salted shortbread, then cheese then meat (sausage in this case) and only at the last ... tomato!


16 August 1018
TQL - Indianapolis, IN

In Indianapolis we met our supplier for delivery door services in USA all-truck, intermodal and other logistics services:
TQL - Total Quality Logistics

In picture (from left to right): Mr. Adam Cox, Mr. Jaike Matthews, Mr. Lorenzo Faoro


Steakhouse is not translatable, that is "steakhouse" can not be heard.
A good look even steak can be made simply with "steak".
The American cuts are a bit 'different from those with whom we are familiar but the quality has felt all!


August 17, 1018
Tria America - Charlotte NC

Here are the photos of the meeting with our American customer Tria America.

Our CEO went to visit him along with our local agent Express Air Freight who follows the import customs side and deliveries.

In picture (from left to right): Mike Alger, Lorenzo Faoro, Daniele Finazzi


Charlotte is famous for hamburgers ... and Lorenzo did not miss the chance! The evolution of the burger is one of the most interesting parts of American culture.

Big Daddy's was our choice with an amazing selection that fulfills the wishes of most burger fans.


17 August 1018

Closed the "tour" of visits to customers and suppliers with a meeting in Charlotte NC with our local agent Express Air Freight.

In picture (from left to right): Mr. Mike Alger, Mr. Lorenzo Faoro, Mr. Sam Morris


The symbol of the American breakfast, the pancake!
No, it is not about those liquid preparations that can be found in the sweets department even in our supermarkets. These are Bubby's puncakes, known to be the best in all of New York.