Goods out of gauge: our plus

  • Goods out of gauge: our plus

    Goods out of gauge: our plus

    Thanks to our professionals experience, the management of out-of-gauge goods or exceptional transport, it’s a routine works that always passionate in us and where we can demonstrate our skills.

    In specific case we have carried out the withdrawal of the goods directly from our customer factory to Vigevano in order to deliver it successively in Genoa’s warehouse port.

    As shown in the attached photo you can see the stuffing and padding operation of the boxes on the relative container , of the goods in shape that of the goods out of shape, and the delivery of the container at the port terminal.

    We have been finally boarded it on the CSCL URANS (Genoa-Colombo).

    Below are the dimensions and weight of the boxes “out of shape”:

    n.2 cases dim. cm 440x250x300h weight 25 ton

    n.1 case dim. cm 350x195x380h weight 18 ton

    Good shipping to all!


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